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Nov 26, 2014Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Saying Hi1   
Jul 20, 2014looking 4 members4 gettogetherKaraoke/Swinger/Bday party on the 26th1   
Jul 22, 2013Younger Women for Older MenNEW MEMBERS ---> Introduce yourselves here FIRST!!! (July 2013)2   
Jul 22, 2013Girls Watching Guys On CamNEW and RETURNING members - make your monthly post in this thread for July2   
Jul 22, 2013Done With DramaGeo Tracking.....2   
Jun 1, 2013Green Bay Swingers ClubHouse Party1   
Jun 1, 2013looking 4 members4 gettogetherHouse Party1   
Jun 1, 2013Raw Sex In Wausau WIHouse Party1   
Jun 1, 2013central wisconsin playhouseHouse Party1   
Jan 20, 2013Girls Watching Guys On Camthat early morning hard cock1   
Sep 27, 2012looking 4 members4 gettogetherMeet up in Sheboygan?1   
Sep 27, 2012Raw Sex In Wausau WIMeet out in Sheboygan1   
Sep 27, 2012Green Bay Swingers ClubSheboygan this weekend?1   
Sep 27, 2012central wisconsin playhouseMeet out in Sheboygan1   
Sep 14, 2012looking 4 members4 gettogetheranother riding day3   
Sep 14, 2012Green Bay Swingers ClubCorvette & bike ride1   
Jun 28, 2012Green Bay Swingers ClubLooking for a fwb4   
Aug 21, 2010Girls Watching Guys On CamMONTHLY POST HERE 4 AUGUST for New and Returning members1   
Aug 21, 2010Girls Watching Guys On CamHey guys....1   
Jul 24, 2010Sauk County groupHello3   
Jul 22, 2010Sauk County groupThanks1   
Jul 22, 2010Sauk County groupDo them.... or not?1   
Jul 22, 2010Sauk County groupThe person below me...1   
Jul 22, 2010Done With Dramasummer twister2   
Jul 22, 2010Done With DramaFriday night pics...1   
Nov 11, 2009Girls Watching Guys On CamV - Day1   
Nov 11, 2009Younger Women for Older MenV - Day1   
Nov 11, 2009looking 4 members4 gettogetherV- Day1   
Nov 11, 2009Green Bay Swingers ClubV - Day1   
Nov 11, 2009Done With DramaV - Day1   
Nov 2, 2009looking 4 members4 gettogetherJust joined and....1   
Oct 4, 2009Done With Drama"The Last Lap" formerly "Sociables" review.1   
Sep 6, 2009Discreet in Rhinelanderparty1   
Jul 21, 2009Discreet in RhinelanderSummer Twister1   
Jul 21, 2009Done With DramaSummer Twister1   
Jul 21, 2009looking 4 members4 gettogetherSummer Twister1