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Dec 24, 2011looking 4 members4 gettogetherChristmas Present?1   
Dec 12, 2011Milwaukee Grouphypnotist1   
Dec 12, 2011looking 4 members4 gettogetherhypnotist6   
Dec 9, 2011Raw Sex In Wausau WIhypnotist3   
Nov 18, 2011Group Funhypnotist2   
Nov 5, 2011Central WI sex clubhypnotist1   
Nov 26, 2010Group Funbartender??2   
Nov 17, 2010Central WI sex clubbartender ??1   
Nov 17, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherbartender ??1   
Nov 17, 2010Raw Sex In Wausau WIbartender ??1   
Nov 15, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherYour husband deer hunting??????1   
Nov 15, 2010Raw Sex In Wausau WIYour husband deer hunting??????2   
Sep 22, 2010N WI finding some funcold winter nights3   
Sep 20, 2010Central WI sex clubTomahawk rally2   
Sep 5, 2010Raw Sex In Wausau WITomahawk Rally1   
Sep 5, 2010N WI finding some funTomahawk rally1   
Sep 5, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherTomahawk Rally1   
Sep 5, 2010Group FunTomahawk rally1   
Sep 4, 2010Milwaukee GroupG-spot5   
Aug 30, 2010Group FunG-spot3   
Aug 21, 2010Group Funcold winter nights2   
Aug 15, 2010Raw Sex In Wausau WIAugust party14   
Aug 11, 2010CentWisCplsClubjust saying hi!1   
Aug 10, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherBike ride4   
Aug 10, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherG- spot9   
Aug 9, 2010N WI finding some funG-spot2   
Aug 9, 2010Central WI sex clubAugust party6   
Aug 5, 2010Central WI sex clubG-spot1   
Aug 4, 2010Raw Sex In Wausau WIAugust party8   
Jan 22, 2010looking 4 members4 gettogetherViking woman20   
Jan 4, 2010Milwaukee Groupmilf4   
Dec 17, 2009Raw Sex In Wausau WIViking woman5   
Dec 15, 2009Central WI sex clubViking Woman4   
Nov 22, 2009Group FunViking woman1   
Jul 30, 2009looking 4 members4 gettogetherstrip darts August 1st4   
Jul 29, 2009Raw Sex In Wausau WIstrip darts August 1st2   
Jul 29, 2009N WI finding some funstrip darts August 1st2   
Jul 25, 2009Central WI sex clubstrip darts5   
Jul 25, 2009Central WI sex clubstrip darts August 1st1   
Jul 25, 2009Group Funstrip darts August 1st1   
Jul 2, 2009looking 4 members4 gettogether4th of july4   
Jun 28, 2009Raw Sex In Wausau WI4th of july2   
Jun 25, 2009Group Fun4th of july1